Biking Through Versailles

Versailles is a vast and beautiful property and if ever in France a must see. The palace itself is a sight to see but the grounds and gardens are not to be missed. Given the size of the property you are limited to what you can see by foot. So, I highly recommend a biking tour. I booked a private family tour through Bike About Tours and it turned out wonderful!

Our day started with a train ride from Paris to Versailles arranged by Bike About Tours so all we had to do was meet our guide at the agreed upon location in Paris. The train ride was about 20-minutes and a neat way to observe locals. Once we arrived in Versailles we were outfitted on bikes at the train station and we rode out to a local market. At the market we were given time purchase food for our picnic lunch. Once our we had purchased goods for our lunch we rode off to the palace.

The private tour really allowed us to structure and pace the tour to cater to our specific experience. Our tour guide was wonderful and brought Versailles to life with his gift of storytelling and his deep knowledge of French History.

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