Day 337 in New Zealand: Camping and Kayaking

We went camping…that is two camping trips under my belt now. This time we went to Lake Taylor located about 2 hours northwest of Christchurch. Although we arrived later in the day and the site was rather busy, we got the perfect camping spot with a great view of the lake.



Here are a few highlights from this trip…

The stars at night…we were all a bit disappointed as the sun started to set and clouds rolled in because we were hoping for some starry night skies. While we went to bed disappointed, we were awakened at 3 in the morning, by the dogs who heard a noise and had to investigate. As I climbed out of the tent a bit peeved at being awoken from a restful sleep, I saw the most amazing view of the sky. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that many stars in my entire life. I took the opportunity to practice my night photography…I’m improving a bit I think.

Kayaking…I’ve always found the idea of kayaking interesting but I’ve for the most part avoided water activities. But seeing how I had conquered camping I figure I needed to brave up and give this a try. To my surprise, I LOVED it!!! Something I definitely want to do again.


Redd & Chloe, are getting more comfortable with camping and sleeping in a tent. I suspect this is because when we camp they are allowed on the people bed whereas at home they are not.

After two camping trips, I am learning that there is an art to camping. It doesn’t have to be a complete “roughing it” experience. A comfy sleeping spot with an air-mattress, cosy blankets and pillows make a difference. I have always thought that food while camping was limited to something that came out of a can but I have learned it doesn’t have to be.

My biggest grip about camping is the lack of showers and I continue to be grossed out by the bathroom situation…but apparently, it isn’t a deal breaker for me because I am already looking forward to our next camping adventure.


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