Day 72 in New Zealand

We are a couple divided, one of us is a beach bum and the other prefers the mountains. Thankfully, in Christchurch, we get both! Today we managed to squeeze to do a bit of both. Hiking or tramping as it is called in New Zealand is a popular activity with loads of trails that all offer amazing views. Today, we checked out Bridle Path which … Continue reading Day 72 in New Zealand

Day 65 in New Zealand

Today, we packed up our Honda Jazz and headed west to Arthur’s Pass. It was a beautiful sunny day perfect for a road trip. Arthur’s Pass offers many hiking and biking trails for all fitness levels. For me, it was all about the picturesque views. After walking on trails and taking about a million pictures, we stumbled upon the Wobbly Kea. This felt a bit … Continue reading Day 65 in New Zealand

Day 52 in New Zealand

Nestled in the middle of an inactive volcano with gorgeous harbor view is the town of Akaroa, is located about 90-minutes outside of Christchurch. This town has a strong French influence that can be seen in the architecture as well as the shops and restaurants. This town may be little but is not short of activities. Everything from paddleboarding to sailboating to trails and even … Continue reading Day 52 in New Zealand

Day 23

The rebuilding of a city… When we visited Christchurch is 2010 it was in between the two big earthquake that hit the city. The second one that took place in 2011 was the most devastating and had a lasting change on the cityscape. On a rainy Saturday I took a stroll through the center of the city. It was an interesting experience to see the blend … Continue reading Day 23

Wine Tasting in Central Otago, NZ

Located on the South Island of New Zealand, the Central Otago wine region is known for their Pinot Noirs. The region has been growing wine since the 1800s and houses a collection of vineyards that produce small batches of quality wine. The vineyards are surrounded by beautiful scenery and touring the wineries provides ample opportunities to enjoy the magnificent views while experiencing some amazing wines. On my … Continue reading Wine Tasting in Central Otago, NZ