Day 275 in New Zealand: Road Trip to Otago Part III

Road trip Part III…driving back up north. On the drive back to Christchurch we drove along the coast. Making a stop in the tiny town Ophir as well as some stops to take in the coastal views.

The town of Ophir is tiny, in fact, you can capture the entire town in one photograph without even using panorama.

Town of Ophir


While tiny this town does offer great mountain views and interesting points of exploration. However, if you are a foodie you are not going to want to miss this Pitches Store…it is a culinary experience that should not be missed.


After a wonderful and relaxing lunch, we got back on the road. Here are some of the views we saw along the way.

We made a stop at the Moeraki Boulders for a stroll along the beach and to marvel at these amazing creations of nature.

It was a wonderful three days of exploring our new country…I am already looking forward to our next road trip.

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