2014 Year End Review

2014 has been a big year for Phototravelista! In addition to launching a new website we traveled to three countries and ten states. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

  • In January we kicked off the travel year in Seattle, WA where we enjoyed some usually warm weather and amazing seafood meals.
  • In March we set off on a three week tour of Europe. Our first stop was London. We managed a visit to London without seeing much rain. During our time in London we made two day trips; Stonehenge and Liverpool for a Beatles Tour.
  • In early April our European tour continued in Paris where we indulged in great French Cuisine and history.
  • In mid April our last leg of the European tour, Bavaria Germany where we took in the country side and sampled some wonderful beer.
  • In June we took a mid-year reprieve at Lake Lure for a weekend of golf and relaxation.
  • In October we headed to Chicago for a fall getaway and took in the architecture and landscape of this wonderful city.

A year full of adventures! Thank you all for being a part of the journey this year! Stay tuned to see where Phototravelista ends up in 2015!


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