The Sea Town of Baltimore

A short drive from Cork City Center there are many little towns along the shore. Each town has its own unique charm but all of them adorn streets lined with shops and cafes. We stopped in for a visit in Baltimore on our way to Killarney. This town is full of rolling hills with cows and sheep peacefully grazing and beautiful water views. Of course … Continue reading The Sea Town of Baltimore

The Little Town of Kinsale

A short drive from Cork City Center is the town of Kinsale. The streets of this town are full of shops and cafes perfect for wandering. We popped into the Blue Haven Cafe for lunch but regardless of where you end up for lunch I highly recommend ordering a seafood dish. Every October for the past 40 years this town puts on a gourmet food … Continue reading The Little Town of Kinsale

An Afternoon in Kilkenny

After a night in Dublin we headed to Cork for a few nights. About have way in between Dublin and Cork is Kilkenny. Ireland is full of little towns perfect for strolling, shopping, and cafes that offer a variety of cuisine. We popped into Rive Gauche for a quick lunch before exploring Kilkenny. Don’t let the French name fool you this pub offers classic Irish dishes. … Continue reading An Afternoon in Kilkenny