Day 274 in New Zealand: Road Trip to Otago Part II

The weekend road trip part II…Central Otago is probably my favorite region in NZ. When we visited in 2010, this is the area where we spent the most of our time so I may be a bit partial here. However, between the bike trails, the mountains, the lakes, the wineries, and very low humidity there is so much to love about this area. There is a lot to do here that cannot fit into one weekend…or a week for that matter. On this trip, we decided to keep it pretty low key but we still managed to take in some of the amazing views.

We had some beautiful evenings that were perfect for sitting outside in a comfy sweater with a glass of wine…and of course me with my camera.

My attempts to photograph the night sky didn’t turn out very well but I plan to continue to practice.


It has been a great day of exploring and relaxing…looking forward to what we discover on the drive back tomorrow.

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