Day 106 in New Zealand: Hiking Peak Hill

This was our first proper hike since moving to New Zealand. Peak Hill had the pleasure of breaking us into hiking in New Zealand. This is about a three-hour hike to the top and back and is rated as a medium level trail. The trail is about 5ks (3 miles) in distance with a 1200-meter (about 4,000 feet) climb. The climb to the top does reward you with 360-degree views of Lake Coleridge.


We managed to time the walk back to the bottom just right as we caught some views of the sun setting over the lake. Watching the sky transition from bright blue to shades of pink and coral provided just enough spark to help get our tired legs back down the mountain.

If Peak Hill is any indication of what hiking is like in New Zealand, I think I am going to love living here!

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