Day 224 in New Zealand

Spring has sprung in New Zealand!!! The blog has been quiet through much of the winter…we’ve been in a state of hibernation I suppose. While it has been a pretty mild winter, there has been heaps (that’s Kiwi speak for tons or lots) of rain. Here is a bit of how we have kicked off the spring season. The Dog Park at Victoria Park: Redd … Continue reading Day 224 in New Zealand

Day 109 in New Zealand

Redd & Chloe’s Move to New Zealand While our arrival in New Zealand occurred back in February, it took another four months before our beloved Dachshunds Redd & Chloe would arrive. Here is the story of their journey. Perhaps the most complicated part of our move (and the most expensive) was moving Redd and Chloe. New Zealand has eradicated rabies and there is no heartworm … Continue reading Day 109 in New Zealand

Day 28 in New Zealand

A walk through Hagley Park… I am told that Hagley Park is the closest I will get to Central Park (my favorite hometown park) so I thought I would take a bit of time to stroll through. To start with it is massive, on this day I mainly explored the botanical gardens. I imagine in the spring time this part of the park is beautiful (it … Continue reading Day 28 in New Zealand