Day 292 in New Zealand: Redd & Chloe’s Life in NZ

It is exactly 6 months since Redd & Chloe arrived in New Zealand. They are adjusting well but still get a bit nervous when we go anywhere without them but after being a part for four months I can’t say I blame them. Since their arrival they have been on many adventures…so, here is a glimpse of their life in New Zealand.

Always on the Go: After their big journey over from the US they are seasoned travelers that love to explore. The dog park, the beach, hikes, road trips…they are always on the move.  On a side note, for dachshunds on the go, a booster car seat is a must both for safety and enjoyment.

The Dog Parks: Christchurch has several dog parks but their favorite is the agility course at The Groynes this might be because of all the extra treats they get for completing the obstacles.

Hikes and Walks: Many people are surprised to learn how active dachshunds can be. Dachshunds are hunting dogs originating in Germany and bred to hunt badgers underground. So they are quite agile and enjoy a good run. Make no mistake, they are also equally lazy and would eat 10 times their weight in food if you let them but they are built for activity.

In New Zealand, Redd & Chloe love the trails whether it is an easy walk or a hike up a mountain they are happy to spend the day exploring a trail. Most trails in New Zealand are dog friendly however there are some that do not allow dogs because these trails are home to some of New Zealand native birds.

Here they are at the top of Helicopter Hill (1256 meter/4,120 feet climb), Redd needed a bit of help along the way but Chloe walked or ran the entire trail. To date, this was their most challenging hike.

The Road Trips: Akaroa, Kaikoura, Central Otago…these dogs are going places and seeing the sights.

Here they are exploring the coastline of Kaikoura where Chloe got to see some seals playing and Redd explored sea creatures.

Here they are taking in the view of Lake Pukaki with their new friend Laika.


The Beaches: Being an island country, New Zealand is not short of beaches with amazing shorelines. Redd & Chloe love a stroll along the beach and have even on occasion been brave enough to catch some waves.

One of, if not the most, challenging part of moving to New Zealand for us was moving Redd & Chloe. The sadness of leaving them behind for 4 months, the overwhelming paperwork to meet export requirements, the hefty vet bills, and the anxiety of their physical journey over, it was stressful to say the least. However, when I see them happily trotting along a trail, daring to get in the water, or their enthusiasm for doing something new, I am grateful in knowing it was all worth it.


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