Day 253 in New Zealand: Spring at Hagley Park

Christchurch in full bloom…we have been getting loads of rain in the Canterbury region lately. In the northern hemisphere there is a saying, “April Showers bring May Flowers” to describe the spring season…for some reason, “September Showers bring October Flowers” doesn’t have the same ring. While there may not be a clever saying to describe spring in New Zealand…I think the gorgeous blooms do a good job showing us it is in fact Springtime. Here are some pictures from our morning stroll through Hagley Park.

Azaleas are in full bloom and in a variety of vibrant colors.


The Hobbit Tree, actually it is called a Monterey Cypress but the door like pattern at the bottom of the tree reminds me of the Hobbit homes in Lord of the Rings. This tree is so massive it actually has plants growing inside of it.


Some more vibrant beauties…

The rose garden isn’t in full bloom yet so we earmarked it for another day…I did manage to find one early bloomer.


The red beech tree, this is a new find for me. The leaves of these trees have a dark reddish purple hue when you look at them from far away. My favorite is how luminous the leaves appear when you look up while standing beneath the tree.

Flowers and plant life isn’t the only sign in Christchurch that spring has sprung…the ducklings are also a reminder.

While we are use to pumpkins and foliage this time of year, as we settle into our new home, we are embracing the change of season and getting use to October being the start of spring.

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