Beautiful Weather for Sightseeing in London

All three sights are located within walking distance of each other making it convenient to visit them on the same day. On the Underground stations Westminster and Waterloo are the closest.

The London Eye I recommend arriving early in the morning to beat the crowds. If your budget allows it purchase the Fast Track tickets for priority boarding.

Westminster Abbey The audio-guided tour allows you to move through the abbey at your own pace. At a leisurely pace made it through in about 2 hours. There is no photography allowed inside so I recommend taking your time to marvel the breath taking architecture. For, the literary buffs Poet’s Corner is a must see!

Big Ben and Parliament While Big Ben is often used to describe the clock tower the name was actually given to the bell. The official name of the tower Big Ben sits on is the Elizabeth Tower, which sits on the north end of the parliament building. Unfortunately, tours of the tower are only available to UK Residents. However, tours of parliament are available on Saturdays to both residents and overseas visitors.

Check out what I captured on our sightseeing adventures!


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